Higher education is a duty to prepare students to become members of the professional community. Students as a national asset is the Human Resources intellectual potential future candidates.

For students whose academic performance is very good, but less capable than the economic side strived for awarding scholarships in the form of PPA (Personal Improvement Morals). In addition, the students have a good academic ability but ability to economically less capable awarded scholarships (BBM). Besides the scholarships mentioned above, there are also scholarships for students from affected areas Poso (Central Sulawesi), Morowali and lainnya.Maksud mining area and the purpose of the scholarship: With the awarding of the scholarship is expected to spur and sustain academic achievement and the students affected kurusuhan can complete college on time.

To improve equity and learning opportunities of students who have difficulty paying the cost of education because parents are less capable.
Encourage and maintain the spirit of learning so that students can complete his education on time and boosts student academic achievement to spur quality improvement in higher education.

Website: beasiswa.baak.untad.ac.id

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