UNTAD has a rectangular logo emblem in the form of 5 (five) red blood in which there are: Coat UNTAD implies wholeness to achieve nobility and dignity of life is to serve the Almighty God, the truth, and humanity in accordance with the philosophy of Indonesia, Pancasila. UNTAD emblem referred to in paragraph (1) have the following meanings:

  • A golden yellow frame bounded black line with two horns prop sharply upwards (towards) the peak (the sky);
  • At the top there serrations were 18 (eighteen) and at the bottom there serrations were 8 (eight);
  • In the middle of the frame there is a rhombus, in which there are spheres;
  • At the bottom there are two winding wheels (toe overlap) that is supported by the earth.
  • Yellow gold frame black lines significantly restricted cultured and virtuous;
  • Two horn prop sharply upwards (towards) peak (sky) means virtue;
  • Rhombus and circle in which there is significant four wind direction with cored science;
  • Two winding wheel (toe overlap) that is supported by meaningful Earth Logo UNTAD bersimpuh.File foot standard in PNG format (and transparently without background)

Please download the logo UNTAD: click here

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