SIMPLE Project
(Support of International Platform Merging Labour and Education)


The SIMPLE project aims to encourage cooperation of the academic sector (HEIs) with the professional sector in agriculture and life sciences in Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand, leading to an enhanced employability of its alumni for the labour market and society. Specifically, to support networking and providing the link amongst graduates (alumni) and employers by establishing Alumni Centres and Platforms for Cooperation with Professional Sector, improvement of curriculum of study programmes at HEIs in Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand Universities by introducing compulsory internships leading to more practical knowledge and better skills of the alumni as well as enhancing soft skills of the Asian students. Project partners including Tadulako University:

  • Czech University of Life Sciences Prague (CULS), Czech Republic
  • Universitat fur Bodenkultur Wien (BOKU), Austria
  • Ghent University (Ghent), Belgium
  • Royal University of Agriculture (RUA), Cambodia
  • University of Battabang (UBB), Cambodia
  • Bogor Agricultural University (IPB), Indonesia
  • Tadulako University (Tadulako), Indonesia
  • Kasetsart University (KU), Thailand
  • Prince of Songkla University (PSU), Thailand

The kick-off meeting of the SIMPLE project was held in Prague, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague, October 24th-26th 2016. Following the coming project activities:

  • 2018 August 24-26 – UNTAD Alumni Day 
  • 2018 September 21-22 – IPB Job Fair (Career and Entrepreneurship Expo)
  • ?2018 November 15 – PSU Career Day
  • 2019 March 26 – UBB Career Day
  • ?2019 March 29 – KU Career Day

Past activities:

  • 2018 May 23-25 – UGent Staff Training Week – Challenges for students’ employability, Belgium
  • 2018 May 17 – UBB – guest lecture on “Tree of Future and Soft Skill for Youth”
  • 2018 May 16 – Project SIMPLE (RUA) joining DOCKSIDE Seminar “Research Restructuration: Challenges and Ways Forward”
  • 2018 May 11 – PSU – Alumni seminar for graduating students
  • 2017 October 9. – 13. – Training course for staff of Asian AC at BOKU
  • 2017 October 1.  – Monitoring report (2)
  • 2017 June 12. – 14. – Workshop of “Best practices of Alumni Centres”, Ghent
  • 2017 April 1.  – First Monitoring Report

The SIMPLE Project information and outcomes can be found here


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