About Untad

Tadulako University or abbreviated UNTAD a college in the Ministry of National Education, under the guidance of the Director General of Higher Education, based in Palu, Central Sulawesi province.

Date / Month / Year Stand 14 AUGUST 1981
– Location


– Rector Prof. Dr. Ir. MUHAMMAD BASIR, SE., MS.
– Faculty / Pasca 10 Faculty 1 Graduate
– Study Program D3 = 5; S1 = 43;  S2 = 14;  S3 = 2;  Profesi = 1. 
– Lecturer 1127 People
– Employees PNS 492 People
– Students 29 525 People
– Website www.untad.ac.id
– Email humas@untad.ac.id
– Address

Campus Earth Tadulako

Jl. Soekarno Hatta Km. 9 Tondo 94118 Palu Central Sulawesi

Tel. (0451) 422 611

Fax. (0451) – 422 844


PURPOSE Tadulako

Referring to the vision and mission UNTAD, some of the objectives to be achieved are:

  1. Organizing the learning process quality form of human resources (HR) intelligent, noble and highly competitive.
  2. Improve the performance of the organization supporting education and educators in academic services
  3. Carrying out quality research leading to the development of science, technology, and / or art as well as the
  4. potential advantages (patent) in accordance with local and national needs
  5. Organizing community service quality and efficient based on the results of education and research
  6. Organize partnerships with other parties mutually beneficial in order to increase the quality of Tridharma
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