Tadulako University Student Win Third Place in WU SLA International Speech Competition 2022 – Walailak University, Thailand

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An English Language Education Study Program student from Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Tadulako University (Untad) namely Bangkit Prayoga, won third place at the WU SLA International Speech Competition which was held online on Wednesday (20/07/2022).

This competition has 2 rounds, including prepared speech where participants prepare their presentations with topics related to their knowledge of the skills of young people in their respective countries in the 21st century. The second round is Impromptu Speech where participants are given two topics at random which will be chosen by one of them. After that, each participant is given 5 minutes to present without preparing a script beforehand.

After the debate, the jury then announced that Bangkit Prayoga from Tadulako University, Indonesia had won 60 – 69 marks and was entitled to a prize for third place in the form of 1,000 Thai Baths. Meeting some time ago at the Untad International Office, Yoga said that the debate at that time was quite competitive because the other participants English skills were very good and qualified.

“During the presentation, the other participants used English with a very well-organized and easy-to-understand level of vocabulary , structure and sound . Therefore, the atmosphere of the debate at that time was quite competitive. The experience of having participated in previous debates has helped me quite a bit, making it easier for me to give a speech when the jury gives a topic.” said Yoga.

He also said that if there are other Untad students who want to take part in international debates like this, they must prepare themselves as best they can by learning and adding insight by practicing, reading and updating with the global situation.

“ We should not rely solely on English language skills if we want to participate in an international level English debate like this. We have to learn a lot and keep practicing because other competitors will do that too.” Added Yoga.

For your information, Bangkit Yoga has participated in several other competitions such as;

  •         1st Winner of the News Reading Competition in Central Sulawesi during high school
  •         10th Novice Best Speaker at Aultervarsity Debating Competition 2022
  •         3rd Runner Up Novice Aultervarsity 2022 Representing Untad