Menristekdikti Attended the 94th Tadulako University Graduation Ceremony

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Taking place at central courtyard of Tadulako University (Untad), the 94th graduation ceremony on Thursday (11/08/2018) morning was running in more solemn tones after the earthquake caused massive damages to a number of campus facilities on last September 28th.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Hasan Basri as the Chairman of Untad Academic Senate hoped the simple graduation venue, a dome tent the university has prepared, did not lower the excitement of the participants on this momentous day of theirs.

“There have been so many changes we witness today. It is the first time for Untad to hold outdoor graduation, setting up a dome tent, what a very simple venue it is. Yet, today is also a historic day since it is Untad first graduation ever attended directly by the Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (Menristekdikti). Hopefully, this moment can encourage the participants to strive to be the best alumni even in the midst of sorrow,” said Prof. Hasan Basri.

On the same moment, Prof. Dr. Ir. Muhammad Basir, S.E., M.S., as the Rector, in his alma mater speech, spread enthusiasm, ‘Through Grief, We Rise Up’.

“Representing the big family of Tadulako University, the graduates and their relatives, I would like to say thank you for being here, the Minister, the Directorate General, and team in post-disaster recovery time. Your presence means a lot. You are such spirit and energy boosters to us, to keep committing to Three Pillars of Higher Education. To all graduates and the relatives, congratulations, I know you are still struggling to heal yet the Minister and team are here now to support you. Only prayer we can give back to the Minister and team to express our deepest gratitude that they do care for us, the big family of Tadulako University and people of Central Sulawesi, who are being tested by Allah through the hardship,” said Prof. Basir.

The next speech was delivered by Prof. H. Mohamad Nasir, Ph.D., Ak., as the Minister of Research, Technology, and Higher Education. He said the ministry is really responsive to Tadulako University as recommended by the President, Joko Widodo. Besides, the ministry also provide Bidikmisi and PPA scholarship for the student survivors of earthquake, tsunami, and liquefaction.

“So far, 896 students are on the list as the grantee, and definitely this number will increase to match the database. This represents our commitment to keep supporting Untad. After coordinating with Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, we provide Untad with Rp283 billion in estimation of post-earthquake rehabilitation. Many students may suffer from this disaster, however, we expect they will never lose hope in education as well. Hopefully, these current graduates will be able to have competitive quality and create positive change in the world,” said Prof. Muhamad Nasir.

In the end of the speech, the Minister symbolically handed LCD and projector to the Rector. Afterwards, the Rector along with the Deans of each faculties officially inaugurated the alumni. You can see some graduation moment here.

The 94th Tadulako University graduation has produced 902 alumni as follows:

  1. Postgraduate Program >> 39 Graduates
  2. Medicine Faculty >> 32 Graduates
  3. Animal Husbandry and Fishery Faculty >> 32 Graduates
  4. Economics Faculty >> 102 Graduates
  5. Public Health Faculty >> 27 Graduates
  6. Agriculture Faculty >> 57 Graduates
  7. Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty >> 44 Graduates
  8. Forestry Faculty >> 29 Graduates
  9. Teacher Training and Education Faculty >> 314 Graduates
  10. Law Faculty >> 53 Graduates
  11. Engineering Faculty >> 66 Graduates
  12. Social Sciences and Politics Faculty >> 107 Graduates


The Best Graduates in University

Arini Milatul Hanifah, A 111 14 021, Teacher Training and Education Faculty/Indonesian Language Education Study Program, 3 Years – 8 Months – 23 Days, GPA 3.88 – Cumlaude


The Best Graduates in Postgraduate Program

I Putu Raditiya Eka Permana, A 322 16 002, Social Sciences Education, 1 Year – 11 Months -27 Days, GPA 3.99 – Cumlaude


The Best Graduates in Faculty

  1. Nianda Cahya Zuliani, B 201 14 165, Social Sciences and Politics Faculty/Sociology Study Program, 3 Years – 10 Months – 3 Days, GPA 3.87 – Cum Laude
  2. Diah Angraeni Mahid, C 201 14 049, Economics Faculty/Management Study Program, 3 Years – 11 Months – 28 Days, GPA 3.71 – Cum Laude
  3. Anisa, D 101 14 461, Law Faculty/Law Study Program, 4 Years – 4 Months, GPA 3.71 – Very Good
  4. Zainuddin, E 281 14 094, Agriculture Faculty/Agricultural Technology Study Program, 3 Years – 11 Months – 7 Days, GPA 3.66 – Cum Laude
  5. I Made Era Jumarta, F 111 13 078, Engineering Faculty/Civil Engineering Study Program, 4 Years – 10 Months, GPA 3.50 – Very Good
  6. Cicilia Putri Giri Mulya Ningrum, G 701 14 222, Mathematics and Natural Sciences Faculty/Pharmacy Study Program, 3 Years – 11 Months, GPA 3.76 – Cum Laude
  7. Merry Pricilia Karepowa, L 131 14 378, Forestry Faculty/Forestry Study Program, 4 Years, GPA 3.85 – Very Good
  8. Ni Komang Sri Selvia Ningsih, N 111 15 047, Medicine Faculty/Clinical Phase, 2 Years – 11 Months – 15 Days, GPA 3.85 – Very Good
  9. Nuni Marhamah, O 121 14 138, Agriculture Faculty/Agriculture Study Program, 4 Years – 1 Month, GPA 3.85 – Very Good
  10. Ni Made Pina Antari, N 201 14 050, Public Health Faculty, 3 Years – 11 Months – 25 Days, GPA 3.74 – Cum Laude