The Graduation Day Of Tadulako University For The Period of 112th Was Participated By 1.366 Alumni

The Graduation Day Of Tadulako University For The Period of 112th Was Participated By 1.366 Alumni

Taking place at Tadulako University (Untad) Ceremony Field, the Graduation Day for the period of 112th was held on Thursday (06/16/2022) Morning and participated by 1.366 total alumni. The first session (07.30 – 12.00) was attended by Magister, Medicine Faculty, Faculty of Public Health, Teacher Faculty and Science Education, Faculty of  Economics & Business, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and Faculty of Husbandry and Fishier alumni. For the second session (13.30 – 17.30) was participated by Faculty of Social and Political, Faculty of Agriculture, Faculty of Engineering, Forestry Faculty and Faculty of Law alumni.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahfudz, MP as Rector of Untad gave his appreciation to all Deans, Heads of Postgraduates, lecturers, faculty leaders and study programs as academic servants for having successfully graduated alumni from 59 study programs at the Bachelor’s Degree, 20 study programs at the Masters and Doctoral levels and 2 from the Medical Profession and Engineer.

“I believe that the graduates this time are educated people who are ready to contribute to developing their region and country. We hope that the alumni can continue to maintain the good name of the university through proud achievements in the future.” said Prof. Mahfudz.

At the same moment, the Governor of Central Sulawesi (Sulteng) was represented by the Regional Secretary of the Province of Central Sulawesi, Ir. Muh Faizal Mang, MM said that the status of university alumni has a great moral responsibility in the community and the public.

“Graduates must be smart in applying their skills so that they can become professional figures who have a work ethic and are able to seize opportunities and are competitive to work. Graduates must also continue to strive to improve the insight needed to support work independently and be useful as a form of service in developing the region and society. In addition, alumni need to maintain close relations with the university as a place to study.

The development of the New Capital City in the future is an opportunity that must be seized by alumni who are located not far from our area by contributing through competitive human resources in the future. We congratulate all alumni who have become scholars today. As an intellectual generation, scholars have moral consequences in the midst of an increasingly dynamic and complex society and environment as individuals who have more values ??in terms of science, morals and ethics.” said Ir. Muh Faizal Mang.

After the speech, the next agenda was announce the best graduates from various categories by Dr. Lukman Nadjamuddin, M.Hum as the Vice Academic Affairs, such as :

  •         Best Graduate at Doctoral Level : Subyan Nur Kure/Economics Study Program/ 3 Years 6 Months 5 Days/ GPA 3.98
  •         Best Graduate of Master’s Degree Level : Dewa Made Adi Dharma/Accounting Study Program/ 1 year 7 Months 2 Days/ GPA 4.00
  •         University Level Best Graduates; Hadi Pramono/ Teacher Faculty and Science Education, Biology Study Program/3 Years 7 Months 28 Days/ GPA 3.98
  •         Best Graduate of D3 Level : Ficilia/ Medicine Faculty, Nursing D3 Study Program/3 years 4 months 24 days/ GPA 3.57
  •         Best Graduate of  Doctor Profession : Farel Bramingtyo/Doctor Profession Study Program 3 years 1 Month 8 Days/ GPA 3.71


  •         Best Graduates of  Bachelor’s Degree :

Hadi Pramono/ Teacher Faculty and Science Education, Biology Study Program/3 Years 7 Months 28 Days/ GPA 3.98

Moh Ali Imran/ Faculty of Economics & Business, Development Economics Study Program/ 3 years 8 months 22 days/ GPA 3.86

Dede Dwi Yunia/Faculty of Mathematics and Natural, Sciences Study Program/ 3 Years 5 Months 24 Days/ 3.86

I Kadek Irwan Adiyanto/ Faculty of Husbandry and Fishier, Animal Husbandry Study Program/ 3 years 3 months 11 days/ GPA 3.83

Nurul Izha/ Faculty of Public Health Nutrition Study Program/3 years 5 months 15 days/ GPA 3.93

Aliya Shafira/ Medicine Faculty, Medical Education Study Program/ 3 years 7 months 22 days/ GPA 3.08

Wilyani Bittikaka/ Faculty of Social and Political, Anthropology Study Program/3 years 6 months 25 days/GPA 3.96

– Inayatul Hasanah/Faculty of Law Study Program of Law/3 years 8 months 24 days/3.84

Nur Fadilah/ Faculty of Agriculture, Agribusiness Study Program/ 3 years 7 months 22 days/ GPA 3.88

Andrew Gravelaen/ Faculty of Engineering, Informatics Study Program/ 3 Years 9 Months/ GPA 3.77

Elma Tarina/ Forestry Faculty, Forestry Study Program/ 3 years 6 months/ GPA 3.81



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