Quality Assurance Agency

Tadulako quality assurance organization founded in 2008 by University Rector Tadulako Decree No. 3179 / H28 / KL / 2008 on the Establishment of Quality Assurance Organization Tadulako named Quality Assurance Center Tadulako (PPM UNTAD). PPM UNTAD basic tasks is to design and implement standard processes and alternatives to improve the quality of Tadulako.

     In conducting the tasks of quality assurance at the University Tadulako, organizations UNTAD PPM PPM is headed by a Chairman assisted by a secretary. Based on object identification UNTAD activities then PPM is also equipped with four division, respectively, are:

Quality Documents Division (Division I)
Division Strategy, Implementation, Measurement and Quality Development (Division II)
Division of Monitoring, Assessment, Evaluation and Recommendation (Division III)
Awareness and Capacity Building Division of Human Resources (Division IV).
In 2011 PPM UNTAD undergo the review followed by the issuance of Decree No. 3107 Tadulako University Rector / UN28 / KP / 2011 on the dismissal / Appointment business Tadulako University Center Quality Assurance. Based on the decree, the organizational structure has not changed except for personnel managers experience and leadership of Chair replacement UNTAD PPM PPM UNTAD turned into Director.

     Along with the demands of the development in various aspects of social life both locally, regionally, and globally associated directly or indirectly with the academic world at colleges, universities Tadulako realize that quality assurance is not only just an obligation but also has an institutional requirement. Awareness is a commitment Rector Tadulako in the university’s quality management is characterized by the revitalization policies and functionalization PPM UNTAD. Commitment rector who followed up with the proposed establishment of the Organization and Work Procedure (OTK) UNTAD, yielded the response of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia with the issuance Permendikbud Number 70 Year 2012 on OTK Tadulako, in which includes about changes PPM UNTAD into Development Institute and Guarantee Quality Education (LPPMP) University Tadulako.Sehubungan with Permendikbud No. 70 of 2012 dated 12 November 2012 which was followed by the Rector Decree No. 6309 Tadulako / UN28 / KP / 2012 dated December 26, 2012, then as of the date December 27, 2012 PPM official UNTAD into the Institute of Development and Quality Assurance Tadulako (LPPMP) .Organisasi LPPMP UNTAD led by Chairman LPPMP UNTAD tasked to implement, coordinate, monitor, and evaluate activity development and quality assurance of education at the University of Tadulako.

 In carrying out institutional duties, LPPMP UNTAD equipped with four centers namely:

Center for Education Quality Assurance System Development, Career Development, and Tracer Study (PUSBANG SISPMP-PK-TS)
Center for Development and Learning Quality Improvement Process (PUSBANG PMPP)
Audit and Evaluation Center Education Quality Assurance (PUSDIT EPMP).
Curriculum Development Center and Learning Resources (Pusbang-KSB)
To support the implementation of daily tasks LPPMP UNTAD also equipped with a functional group consisting of lecturers and administrative staff led by the Head of Administration. Period of quality assurance at the University leadership Tadulako since the establishment in 2008 to date is as follows:

  1. T.A.M. Tilaar, M.Si. (Ketua PPM UNTAD 2008 – 2011)
  2. Muhammad Nur Ali, M.Si. (Direktur PPM UNTAD 2011 – 2012)
  3. Muhammad Nur Ali, M.Si. (Ketua LPPMP 2012 – sekarang).

Website: http: //lppmp.untad.ac.id