Januari 20, 2022

Untad Mangrove Health Tester Team Achieves Gold Medal In an International Competition

Untad Mangrove Health Tester Team Achieves Gold Medal  In an International Competition

Three students representing Tadulako University (Untad) successfully earned gold medal in an international competition called Young Inventors Exhibition (WYIE). This competition was organized by International Invention, Innovation, and Technology Exhibition (ITEX) virtually from Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Malaysia, on Monday to Tuesday, December 13th-14th, 2021.

WYIE is well-known as an international competition for all local and international inventors. In this competition, they have to present their researches and innovations to business community who may interest in commercializing any unique discovery.

Those three students consist of Dian Septiawati from Public Health Study Program, Faculty of Public Health, Rafiqa Wulandari from Physics Study Program, and Khofifah Indah Pratiwi Syahrudin from Biology Study Program, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

The title of their finding was Mangrove Health Tester: Arduino-Based Mangrove Health Detection Innovation as the First Step in Mitigating the Tsunami Disaster in Palu City, Central Sulawesi. Through this research, Untad team finally succeeded in winning the gold medal under the supervision of a lecturer from Biology Study Program, Muh. Iqbal, S.Si., M.Si.

The mangrove health tester they developed belongs to a monitoring tool for mangrove health in specific substrate.

“Mangrove health tester functions to identify whether the mangrove has suitable temperature and pH. Our supervisor said, mangrove can only live in an area which fits the substrate or it will not grow. Therefore, this tool is developed to monitor mangrove in specific substrate whether or not it grows well,” said Rafiqa to media team of Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences of Untad.

“So, in that tool there are several types of sensory such as temperature, pH, GPS coordinate and water flow,” she added.

The background of the study was considering Palu as tsunami hazard zone. Meanwhile, mangrove as widely reported can block tsunami waves. Thus, we need to observe the health.

“Since Palu, specifically in Palu Bay includes in tsunami danger zone, we hope our innovation can encourage public to plant and monitor mangrove in coastal area. One of the methods to identify the mangrove live well or not is by checking the health,” said Khofifah.

She continued, the process of sample taking is conducted in several different places such as Tawaeli, Palu three times and Gonenggati Mangrove Forest Park, Donggala four times.

At the same moment, Khofifah, the team member, recommend the other students to be fearless to join competition and find support system who are willing to help each other.

“As a student, we have to be brave to try. Who knows what achievement we can get behind our hesitation. Moreover, we should surround ourselves with supportive souls since we need them to boost our inner power,” said she.

Besides, Rafiqa also suggest the other students not to give up easily and find people who make you comfortable to grow well.

“To me, first, never give up. Yesterday we failed in National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS). Yet, we tried WYIE and here we had the good fortune. So, never stop trying and find any relation who can makes us secure to develop ourselves,” she ended the interview session.

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