Untad Allocates Total 8.490 Seats for the New Student Registration 2022

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  • Post last modified:Juni 3, 2022
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Registration for the Untad (Universitas Tadulako) State University Entrance Selection is re-opened for 2022. It has been directly confirmed by the Untad representative for Institute of Higher Education Entrance Test (LTMPT) on Thursday (04/07/2022) Afternoon in the Meeting Room, 1st floor.

In his speech, Dr. Lukman, M.Hum as the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs  as well as Chair of Untad representative for Institute of Higher Education Entrance Test (LTMPT) accompanied by the Implementation Coordinator of LTMPT, Drs. Samsumarlin, M.Si, Head of BAKP Untad, Dr. Ir. H. Munari, ST, SH., MM, and Public Relations of the Untad Center LTMPT, Yutdam Mudin, S.Si., M.Si said that Tadulako University (Untad) has prepared a quota of 8.490 students, for new student admissions in 2022. The quota is 8,490 students are divided respectively 1,885 for SNMPTN, 4,166 for SBMPTN and 2,439 for SMMPTN.

“In the SNMPTN path, from a quota of 1,885 students, the number of students accepted is 1,692 people. In this selection path, not all study programs (prodi) are filled, so it is likely that they will be transferred to the SBMPTN. Then Untad prepared a quota of 4,166 students or 49 percent of the total quota. Registration has been open since March 23 and ends on April 15, 2022.” said Dr. Lukman.

At the same moment, Drs. Samsumarlin, M.Si said that as of April 7 at 13.15, the number of registrants reached 6,269, divided into 2,244 people in Science and Technology, 2,524 in social and law, and 1,501 Mixed.

“The additional quota will still occur because the D3 and D4 study programs have not been included. Computer based test (CBT) or Ujian Tertulis Berbasis Komputer – UTBK test will be carried out in two batches, the first batch on 17th – 23rd May 2022 and the second batch on 28th May – 3th June 2022. This second batch is prepared if the number of applicants exceeds the capacity. In addition, the UTBK Test will be held in the first two sessions of the day for 14 days, with a total of 28 sessions. The examination process is carried out according to health protocols to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Then, Untad prepared a total of 9000 seats for the UTBK test. For the implementation of the exam, Untad will again collaborate with a number of vocational schools in Palu City.” Add Drs. Samsumarlin.

The announcement of the results of the UTBK test will be carried out on June 23rd, 2022, while the process of downloading the UTBK certificate will be on June 23rd to July 1st, 2022. Complete information can be found here. AA