January 20, 2022

Untad and Unsulbar Synergize in Strengthening the Three Pillars of Higher Education Synergy

Untad and Unsulbar Synergize in Strengthening  the Three Pillars of Higher Education Synergy

In order to succeed in Independent Campus Independent Learning (ILIC) program brought up by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology, Tadulako University (Untad) and University of West Sulawesi (Unsulbar) managed to collaborate in education, research, and community service. This collaboration is written on a memorandum of understanding signed by both parties on Wednesday (11/17).

Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahfudz as the Rector of Untad stated this partnership represented commitments between two universities in implementing Tri Dharma (Three Pilars of Higher Education). To his sides, it was common for every university to synergize each other to realize a noble aspiration mandated in the 1945 Constitutional Preamble of Republic of Indonesia, enlightening the nation’s intellectual life.

“We should not perceive other universities as competitors, in opposite, Untad and Unsulbar must work together in order to make contribution in each of our own regions. Through the existence of Unsulbar, inshaAllah (God willing), the youths around West Sulawesi Province will obtain equivalent access to higher education, thus we can soon achieve education equality as aspired in the Constitution,” said the Rector of Untad.

The Rector of Untad also stated despite of being under construction after natural disasters on September 2018, Untad still work hard to develop and contribute to the region. For this reason, involving in a mutual work is very significant in implementing and realizing the aspiration. On the moment, the Rector also expected the human resources of Untad who currently work in Unsulbar can contribute well to the development of Unsulbar.

Supporting the statement of the Rector of Untad, the rector of Unsulbar, Dr. Ir. H. Akhsan Djamaluddin appreciated human resources of Untad in his university and stated that their presences are very essential. Moreover, Unsulbar now in the process of improvement.

“The existence of Untad is very helpful in the process of education in Unsulbar. Furthermore, we plan for opening several new study programs, including Medicine. Therefore, I hope our collaborations will last longer,” stated Dr. Ir. Akhsan.

Taking place in the office room of the Rector of Untad, the meeting were attended by several officials including the Vice Rector for Collaboration and Development Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ir. Amar, S.T., M.T., and the Deans of all faculties.

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