December 08, 2021

Tadulako University Held 25th Hippocratic Oath Ceremony

Tadulako University Held 25th Hippocratic Oath Ceremony

Tadulako University held 25th Inauguration and Hippocratic Oath ceremony on Tuesday (09/28/2021) located in the Hall of Medicine Faculty. The ceremony was attended by the rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahfudz, MP., vice rector, dean, vice dean, hospital executive director, and all lecturers of Medicine Faculty, Tadulako University.

Dr. dr. M. Sabir, M.Si., as the dean, said that it was a long and uneasy journey the students have to pass when learning in Medicine Faculty. The students must have been through several processes before they made it to this stage.

“Starting from academic phase until now, our students have been through a lot of tests, some of them failed, while others succeed. These all part of the process,” said Dr. dr. Sabir.

He also explained until today, Medicine Faculty of Tadulako University has graduated 500 doctors. If they all serve the community in our province, then these doctors become such incredible assets and great achievement, not only for Tadulako University, but also for Central Sulawesi.

The rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahfudz, MP., on that moment also expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the inauguration of these new doctors graduated from Tadulako University.

“Today, we all attend to see and reflect on their journey through thick and thin, until they earned the right to be called ‘doctor’. Permit me as a rector and a father to say thanks to all officials of Medicine Fculty who have helped the students with knowledge and great effort. It is very much appreciated. We all proved that Medicine Faculty has provided excellent services for the students despite the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Prof. Mahfudz.

The rector also appreciated all doctors in the hospital who have supervised the students during their learning processes. In his speech, the rector reminded all new doctors to hold the oath firmly and fulfill it for the rest of their lives.

“A Hippocratic oath refers to life dedication representing two meanings, first – a vertical relationship, making a vow to God, second – a horizontal relationship, making a pledge to serve the people”, stated the rector.

In the end of the speech, the rector recommended the new doctors to make the most of their time in upcoming internship to enhance their professionalism. The rector also requested the alumni to uphold the reputation of Tadulako University and pursue further study either in any medical specialty or postgraduate.

In that moment, 27 alumni were inaugurated as doctors. As the representative of the 25th Hippocratic oath participants, dr. Achmad Syuaib expressed his gratitude and appreciation to all senior doctors who have guided him from the beginning until he completed the study of medical doctor.

“To all senior doctors, it is really an honor for us to be under your supervisions. Please keep guiding us so we can become a good doctor like you. Keep being our inspiration we all always look up to. And to our parents, we say thank you very much for nurturing and supporting us loyally with all blood, sweat, and tears so we became a medical doctor now,” said dr. Achmad Syuaib.

Achmad Syuaib also suggested his colleagues to keep in touch, keep the solidarity, keep caring and respect each other. The last, he reminded the students of Medicine Faculty who are still learning in campus or hospital to do well.

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