December 08, 2021

Tadulako University has Collaborated with Mara University of Technology – Malaysia in Academic Education, Art and Scientific Exchanges

Tadulako University has Collaborated with Mara University of Technology – Malaysia in Academic Education, Art and Scientific Exchanges

The official signing ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding between Tadulako University and Mara University of Technology – Malaysia (UiTM) was organized virtually on Monday (09/27/2021) morning. The ceremony was attended by the rector of Mara University of Technology, Prof. Dr. Abdul Halim, and the rector of Tadulako University, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahfudz, MP., and several representatives of academic community from both parties.

In his speech, Prof. Dr. Abdul Halim as the rector of UiTM appreciated the collaboration involving two different nations they has made with Tadulako University.

“We really appreciated Tadulako University who has agreed our collaborative works in education and other activities professionally. We hope this cooperation contributes to expansion of international networking opportunities. UiTM is one of the largest university in Malaysia. It has 34 branch campuses and the main campus is in Selangor. We expect this collaboration may improve the expertise of the students, lecturers, academic, education, and other development. Hopefully, what we have agreed today may develop into a follow-up collaboration in the other sectors as well and it may strengthen the relation among two universities. Last but not least, we wish our cooperation may impact significantly to the education in Southeast Asia,” said Prof. Abdul.

On the same moment, Prof. Ir. Mahfudz, M.P., as the rector of Tadulako University confirmed that the collaboration impressed him personally since it involved two countries which are actually one kin.

“Today is a historic and impressive moment for Tadulako University. The collaboration we have made represents a strong kinship between Indonesia and Malaysia. The idea for collaborating in education sector is also responded warmly by the rector of UiTM. InsyaAllah (God willing), if the pandemic covid-19 ends, we will arrange face-to-face meeting in order to get more connected. Last August, Tadulako University just turned 40 years old. Certainly, we need to learn more from UiTM which has longer years of experience in education. Yet, by offering this understanding, confidently, we are ready to share all potentials we have for the sake of our collaborative works,” said Prof. Mahfudz.

After the speech, the next agenda were watching both universities profile video, assigning the MoU virtually, and taking picture. More detail moment you could click here.


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