Students of ADik Program 2021 Joins Untad’s Campus Orientation

Students of ADik Program 2021 Joins Untad’s Campus Orientation

Tadulako University (Untad) organized campus orientation for Students of Higher Education Affirmation (ADik) Papua Program on Friday (12/24) morning. The orientation took place in Parama Su Palu Hotel and was attended by new students who enroll in Untad through ADik program.

At that moment, several Untad officials consisting of Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, Dr. Lukman Nadjamuddin, M.Hum.; Vice Rector for Student Affairs, Dr. Ir. Sagaf, M.P.; and the Head of Academic, Student, and Planning Bureau, Dr. Ir. Munari, S.T., S.H., M.M., were also present.

ADik program provides opportunity for Papua youth to improve their quality as human resources in order to contribute to local and national development. The students who participate in ADik program in Untad will study in several study programs and faculties availeable from Teacher Training and Education Faculty to Medicine Faculty.

“I hope you can seize the chance wisely in order to finish your study in higher education. Besides, frequent communication is necessary to help you realizing your aspirations. And hopefully, the orientation today can give you benefit, spirit, and motivation and strengthen your commitment to finish study on time,” said Dr. Lukman on his presentation. Dr. Ir. Sagaf as Vice Rector for Student Affairs also encouraged the Papua youth to become pioneer in their region.

In last session, Dr. Ir. Munari stated to all students to graduate punctually and make achievement as well. “Through ADik scholarship program, we do hope you can have punctual graduation and earn achievements too. To us, all of you are exceptional youths,” said and the Head of Academic, Student, and Planning Bureau.

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