January 20, 2022

Educating Young Generation on Tax, Untad and KPP Pratama Organized Tax Goes to Campus

Educating Young Generation on Tax, Untad  and KPP Pratama Organized Tax Goes to Campus

Collaborating with Economy Faculty of Tadulako University (Untad), KPP Pratama (Tax Office) Palu held an event called ‘Tax Goes to Campus’ taking place in Media Center Untad, Tuesday (09/11/2021). The theme brought up in the event was ‘Young Generation with Tax Awareness Represented State Defense Spirit.’

Opening the event, the Rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahfudz, M.P., in his speech elaborated the significance of this socialization in order to educate the students dealing with tax. According to the Rector, there are a lot of interesting and challenging topics to study on tax. Also, it is the responsibility of the university to build awareness how important a tax is to realize a sustainability in our national development.

“As the Rector, I would say that Untad is ready to work cooperatively on tax education and socialization for public. This spirit has inspired us to jointly establish a tax center along with KPP Pratama Palu. There are two missions we focus on, academic and social functions. As an academic function, it is expected to be a place where people can have extensive information and understanding about taxation. Meanwhile, as a social function, tax center has a strategic position in developing partnership related to tax education,” said he.

The participation of the students in this event, said the Rector, belongs to learning process and consequently they may share the significant roles and function of taxation to their friends. In the end, this new perception will contribute to taxpayer awareness.

“Definitely our students who has been educated before, inshaAllah (if God wills) in the future when they finally work as employee or employer and have high income, then they will not ignore the obligation to pay taxes. We frequently heard rich businessperson disregard the tax payment and it impact to financial loss of the state,” explained the Rector.

On that moment, the Rector also talked about the implementation of Independent Learning-Independent Campus program initiated by the Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology. He considered the presence of practitioners was necessary to inspire, educate, and enlighten the students through actions rather than ideas.

In the end of his speech, Prof. Mahfudz express his aspiration to develop more collaborative works between Economy Faculty and KPP Pratama in order to provide positive impacts to the students. Tax Goes to Campus was also attended by the Head of KPP Pratama Palu, the Dean of Economy Faculty, the Head of  Untad Tax Learning Center, representatives of lecturers and students.

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