October 23, 2021

Commemorating the 40th Dies Natalis, Tadulako University Held Virtual Ceremony

Commemorating the 40th Dies Natalis, Tadulako University Held Virtual Ceremony

Tadulako University held the 40th Dies Natalis commemoration on Wednesday, August 18th, 2021. The ceremony was organized virtually since the Covid-19 pandemic has not ended yet. The committee chair, Dr. Rahmat Bakri, SH, MH. said that the theme for 40th Dies Natalis was “The Resilient Tadulako University in Covid-19 Pandemic for Advancing Tri Dharma Implementation.”

“This theme was still related to the theme of 76th Indonesian Independence Day commemoration, A Resilient Indonesia, An Advancing Indonesia. It means despite the pandemic issue, we should never give up,” said Dr. Rahmat Bakri.

In his Dies Natalis speech, the rector, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahfudz, MP. stated that the commemoration today was one of the best possible way to remember the sacrifices of all Tadulako University pioneers. “We fully realized that Tadulako University in the past was only a dream until the predecessors decided to fight for it. This institution has ever been through an establishment process before it develops significantly as we see today. In each development stage Tadulako University had already succeeded, it certainly represented the records of what the former leaders had done. Our duties now are continuing noble aspirations brought up by the predecessors and the previous rectors,” said the rector.

During these four decades, rector explained that lots of dynamics have existed in Tadulako University, especially the latest issue, the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the rector clarified that the education management in this institution must meet the quality standard even though the new normal habit like virtual learning takes time to adapt. The rector also appreciated all the achievements Tadulako University received during the hard times, from earthquake disaster in 2018 to the Covid-19 pandemic today.

“We should be content with all things we had achieved from earthquake disaster in 2018 until the Covid-19 pandemic issue today. Several study programs in this university has just obtained excellent accreditation. Besides, our students also won various competition either in national or international level. All of these achievements made possible through collaboration, hard work, sincerity, and diligence of ours in carrying out the duties and responsibilities,” said the rector.

In that opportunity, the rector also expressed his sympathy and condolences for the loss of several colleagues and saluted them with eternal gratitude for their dedication in Tadulako University.

Entering new academic year, the new students still interested to study in Tadulako University. According to rector, this fact represented the high level of trustworthiness from community. Thus, his parties should fulfill the community expectations by providing excellent services either in academic or non-academic affairs.

Moreover, the existence of Independent Learning – Independent Campus (ILIC) program brought up by the government is viewed as a momentum for Tadulako University to improve and adapt to new changes. ILIC also offers the opportunity for the students to explore the knowledge while establishing the social networking with community outside the campus.

Tadulako University also takes part in promoting the ILIC program and has successfully obtained grants for Independent Campus Competition Program (ICCP). This program is the accelerated form of Independent Campus aimed at encouraging transformation and innovation of higher education in the basis of study program. As a result, the learning process in Independent Campus can synergize with companies (partnership). At the end, it was significant for the students to prepare their professional competencies according to their majors. “I said congratulations for several study programs representing Tadulako University such as Agrotechnology, Accounting, Physics Education, Biology, and Civil Engineering. If Almighty God will, the other study programs will also follow them.”

In the end of the speech, the rector delivered his closing statements, pandemic may restrict the physical movement space, yet it also boosts the creativity to keep in touch with unlimited references of new knowledge through the use of technology.

“Hard times always teach us valuable lessons. There will always be a light of hope waiting for us after the long dark tunnel. There will always solutions as long as we are resilient in facing any difficulties,” said rector closing his speech.

The 40th Dies Natalis commemoration ceremony was held virtually, joining by all academic civitas of Tadulako University via Zoom Meeting. Not only conducting the virtual ceremony, the committee also has also planned for a number of contests to celebrate the 40th Dies Natalis of Tadulako University as the previous years. However, the specific time for the contest has not decided yet. “We should wait until the pandemic situation in Palu become more condusive,” said the committee.

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