December 08, 2021

Applying Strict Health Protocols, Untad Held Graduation Week for the Period of 101th to 106th

Applying Strict Health Protocols, Untad Held Graduation Week for the Period of 101th to 106th

Taking place at the Tadulako University (Untad) ceremony field, the graduation week for the period of 101th -106th  had been held since Monday (10/25) to Wednesday (10/28). It was organized two sessions per day as it was participated by 4,782 total alumni.

In the welcome speech, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahfudz, M.P., as the rector, stated that despite the real number of graduates during the period of 101th -106th was about seven thousands, only 4,782 had been registered for the graduation week.

“Total alumni in the period of 101th -106th is actually seven thousands based on the data from Students’ Academics and Administration Bureau. In fact, because of pandemic issues, the total participants of graduation week in closing date of registration is only 4,782. This number is far from minimum graduates per year ideally. Hopefully, the condition will soon get better, thus Untad can actively manage offline graduation. Besides, dealing with the latest curriculum ‘Independent Learning, Independent Campus’, I know the alumni had not experienced it yet. However, I really believe it does not downgrade their competence and competitiveness in the future. I also hope the pandemic will start to abate and all officials of the faculty and lecturers can adapt well with new normal life. Therefore, no more reasons for final year students to not finish their study soon,” said Prof. Mahfudz.

On the moment of the graduation week, Untad also invited the Advisor to the Minister on Marine and Fisheris Affairs 2019-2024, Prof. Dr. Rokhmin Dahuri, M.S., to deliver commencement speech. In his speech, he spoke about the needs of human resources in Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era, the national socio-economic problems, until the national development road map as the basis for Untad alumni in pursuing career and profession. As a result, they can contribute to the advancement of this nation and country as well.

“The successful alumni of a higher education should have at least five characteristics. First, you should be faithful in the One Almighty God according to our own religion. Second, you should have competence on science and technology (hard skills) based on our subject or specialization you have studied. Third, you must be healthy, competent, skillful, creative, innovative, critical, flexible and adaptive, and capable in analyzing and solving the problems correctly and precisely, collaborating with others (teamwork) and developing entrepreneurial mindest. Fourth, you should be proficient on more up-to-date information technology (the utilization of computer and digital technology), specifically related to Industrial 4.0 Era, and mastering international language (English, Arabic, and Mandarin). Fifth, you should possess excellent work ethic (hardworking, tough, all-out, and discipline) and good characters such as trustworthy, tolerant, patient, caring, and sincere.”

“Getting a diploma, bachelor, master, doctor, or professor degree does not mean you have to stop learning. Even, you must continue to learn and explore new knowledge, and the most significant is applying it to solve public issues. Not only effort and hard work, you should pray repeatedly to Allah – the Almighty God, in order to realize a successful and contented life in this world and hereafter and make more contribution to all mankind,” said Prof. Rokhmin.

After the welcoming and commencement speech and delivered, the next agenda were a souvenir handover to Prof. Dr. Rokhmin Dahuri, M.S., and an official declaration for the best graduates by Dr. Lukman Nadjamudin, M.Hum as the Vice Rector for Academic Affairs who classified them based on the highest GPA, the fastest study completion, and the best representatives from Bachelor, Master, and Doctor degree. Before closing the graduation ceremony, all alumni managed to receive their degree certificates.

*The Graduation Week was organized by applying strict health protocols of Covid-19. For the terms and condition, the participants should submit a verification showing they already got vaccinated before entering Untad and they were permitted to be accompanied by one family member only.

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