October 23, 2021

8,930 Tadulako University New Students Joining Orientation Program Virtually

8,930 Tadulako University New Students Joining Orientation Program Virtually

Organized virtually, the opening ceremony of induction program (PPKMB) for Tadulako University new students was held on Monday morning, August 23rd, 2021. Bringing up the theme “Building the Character of Tadulako to Achieve Independent Campus Independent Learning in New Normal Era”, the ceremony was joined by 8,930 new students via Zoom Meeting and live streaming Youtube.

Pasjan Satriamafitrah, M.Si., Ph.D., as the committee chair of PPKMB 2021 of Tadulako University in his speech said that the orientation program will be held for five days for university and faculty levels.

“The PKKMB in university level will take place online for three days, August 23rd-25th while in faculty level, it will be held for two days, August 26th-27th. The missions of this program are to build the Tadulako characters, instill nationalism and patriotism, and encourage empathy in environment and community to all new students. Besides, PKKMB also aims at introducing the learning system and academic life in Tadulako University including rights and obligations these new students have, and guides for successful learning through a new concept called independent campus independent learning. Total new students joining PKKMB 2021 in Tadulako University were 8,930. This event will be handled per cluster. The subjects will be delivered by 268 lecturers and student organizations representations of Tadulako University via online and offline (offline session should follow health and safety protocols),” said Mr. Pasjan.

In the same session, Dr. Ir. Sagaf, MP., as the vice rector for student affairs in his speech explained all significant details must be obeyed during PKKMB 2021.

“Based on the letter issued by Directorate General of Higher Education, Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology No. 0387/E/.02.00/2021 on July 9th, 2021 about general guideline of PKKMB, the induction program for Tadulako University will be held virtually due to Covid-19 pandemic situation. When organizing this event, we involved all academic civitas of Tadulako University who had joined ToT before including lecturers, staffs, and students as intra-campus organization representations. There are 8,930 new students divided into 10 clusters and each cluster consists of five classes. In short, there are 50 classes in Tadulako University including branch campus in Tojo Una-una and Morowali. The Covid-19 pandemic gives us chance to develop more innovative learning like implementing technology-based learning method gradually through the combination of online and offline. The learning paradigm of Independent Campus Independent Learning inspired from Ki Hajar Dewantara is expected to be able to push the growth mindset of the students as agent of change and solution for nation.

The induction program is also supposed to accelerate the new students’ adaptation process in Tadulako University. The lectures planned including development of idealism, reinforcement of nationalism and environmental concern in order to have more religious, nationalist, independent and supportive generation. During PPKMB, the committee and speakers are not allowed to give any activity to the participants without adequate guidance and companion. I hope every new student can respect and follow the ethics, be responsible, be independent, and obey the guidelines set in PKKMB rules,” explained Dr. Sagaf.

In the same event, Prof. Dr. Ir. Mahfudz, MP as the rector of Tadulako University welcomed 8,930 new students who joined PPKMB 2021. He expected these new students can be more attentive and focused when listening to the lectures.

“This is the second time we organized virtual PKKMB (orientation program) since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic last year. Alhamdulillah, this year, 2021, the concept and the implementation are much better than before. We hope, the PKKMB event in the next five days can run well. I also expected these all new students get vaccinated near their homes, so whenever they enter campus (offline learning), they had already completed their second dose of Covid-19 vaccines. Not only for our new students, the remaining 40,000 students of Tadulako University, are also supposed to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Related to the theme of PKKMB 2021, for me, it is already great and relevant to recent national issues. I expect each supervisor can be all-out when assisting the new students. Choosing Tadulako University, you (all new students) must intend to improve your skills and competencies in order to have better characters in the future,” said Professor Mahfudz.

After the speech, the next agenda was delivering PKKMB rules, presented by the head of P3K2 office (center for multilateral affairs) of Tadulako University, Dr. Vita Yanti Fattah, M.Si. The rules consisting of the schedule, laptop use, do and don’ts, and the other technical issues. The ceremony then finally ended with taking picture together virtually.


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